Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well, I found time to think about how it lost the will to live. Many times I have faced such issue and did not think I could answer. The thesis that things should be experienced to be understood, it is not entirely accurate (certainly, it does not exist apsulutna true), just because I though that I have experienced this, therefore no logical explanation, I'm always really confused before question.Yesterday I read the story as linkiran the same word. I would not read that it is enormously large and closer to the Serbian (and was in Latin but I blogerskite using the options put in Cyrillic), but here there I found the logical answer to the question we ask the reason for the disappearance of will living. Namely, given rasakzot picture of a society in which humans evolved into immortality with the help of invention and have a look at the twenty-some year. We won a few planets and we settled which is typical for science fiction. But the story the main character has trouble with the will to live. He is the oldest inhabitant of planet Earth and has 57 centuries lived. But, suicide is forbidden by law and the human begins to razubeduva Commission to allow suicide attaching important facts with arguments that really everyone has agreed on its application. The man proved that the loss of will to live are increasing proportionally with the increase of memory and memories. In fact he was appreciated because the earlier a member of the commission prohibit suicide, so the debate was
a friendly base.
They came to the conclusion that in order not to lose the will to live to format or erase the human memory to start this new life full of desires, without having to die or to kill himself. unpalatable accumulation of memories that lie trapped in all loses his life will take him how great she is still memory of 57 centuries is not little. The commission has concluded the problem, decided to annul the law prohibited SUICIDE and focus on finding a way to delete the people's memory. Angry desperation that was not specified the duration of the problem .. may take a million years, I thought. But take a decision very quickly and was immediately experimentated on him. He lost the memory and left a cavity in the brain. He started to learn to speak, had fed the androids who had diapers on himself, first felt the objects around him, feeling the smile .. wishes there were many among them to sleep with a teddy bear toy. He was happy!The gentlemen of the committee have successfully completed the work and knew that it was awaiting them when they reach the required number of years, but were not concerned about his memory as the first time. Now we know that this is the solution for a new life full of dreams and hopes .. Here podrazmisliv how much it is nice to live in this society now. Unfortunately, until you invent a fantastic way to erase the memory nestareenje body will remain one of our traditional way of formatting the memory canceling the body .. The story was in the book by Gabriel Galaxy SF Vuchkovich (it has collected stories from more foreign writers) that I took off on the recommendation of a friend.


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