Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a subject made of willow wood in the form of a ring that is woven with a loose network of strings and the hoop is attached najnezhni feathers and beads.

He is actually an Indian symbol trap of dreams. Was first observed in indijnskite soldiers who were in conflict with other nations (possibly Europeans) in 1960. Probably it was used as a protector. The first of a dreamcatcher symbolic role to share the good from bad dreams, so bad are retained in the network and good pass and down and down feathers monistrite to enter or sliperot spankoto or spijachot .. same!

People have always been prone to various beliefs, it makes spiritual beings, it exalts their horizons, allow them to fly anywhere .. Lucky are those crvsta imagination and faith in it. We (some consciously some unconsciously) believe that old things, those stored in the "tray beautiful things," those us straight on something nice, those who symbolize what we want and what we believe, those made ​​with love and affection, are priceless worth!
Dreamcatcher has the best prospect for simboliziranje! Huh? Smiling Cool


First, choose a nice sunny day and head to the nearest Willow will em break them one by hanging branches that are mostly longer than three to five meters. I umotuvash twig in a circle with arbitrary size and then tied with thread round firm to remain in the form of a ring and when you play. Then hang the hoop with a leather strip, here's a picture:
Then, after we wrapped the hoop with a leather bar, takes a strong white thread and start the network. Do not be afraid to weave that is really easy. I learned early how to knit a small sweater with "straight hedge" (the simplest) and is quite interesting. Here's your picture:
For additional lesson to consider details of the weave of this link ( Click )
In knitting manistri place, normally, if desired. Both ends knit Like this:
Now after you finish the encirclement, the rest is easy, by connecting a leather strips as you want (I tied three knots), which will serve feathers hanging from the opposite ie connecting a top bar which will serve for hanging on a wall. Here's a picture:
Following is the final stage: the tying feathers reels with thread normally. And so, he was done.Here are pictures from my:
Di end my dear. Cool
Otherwise this dreamcatcher has decided to gift g. J. Greetings! Smiling Smiling


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