Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fascinating reality of Stewart Swerdlow

The other day researching about mind control things, the Internet accidentally met a character impresionirachki - Stewart Swerdlow. He is an author, linguist (with ability to speak 10 languages), lecturer and most interesting - mentalist. Mentalistot spiritualist as opposed to, or spiritual vidovid, is one who believes that unless you can read mental information, and modify. I would call it science fiction because state iluzioni looking creatures and a strong belief that they are real, helping mentally travel through time and read minds, is too suspicious for narekuvanje craze simply because it is possible vomozhno, who really knows ..

Stewart Swerdlow is among 1% of survivors Montak experiment in Philadelphia that was built in the eighties by the U.S. government as a secret project in which scientists have experimented with mixing genes from different animals, people and insects .. In a radio interview I heard that mixed wasp and man, man and dolphin .. and many similar combinations. The aim of the project was to Montak include psychological mode of warfare in a way that will reveal the special powers psychological creature will control themselves in their favor. But the project ended unsuccessfully and Stewart was put in jail for not talking about his past. Probably quickly released today freely talk about his experience of fascination in Montak project. He says that during the project attended extra terrestrial beings who trained in hiperspejs to travel through time, and he told many fascinating science fiction story in which he believes as undiscovered truth.Our ignorance of the story so far justifies the reason is that as a consequence of centuries of planned programming of our mind. He still holds classes for mind control (his theory) that will reprogramira people. Same holds for hours and travel hiperspejs .

The story she tells in a radio tape (placed below the listening here), will mention a few important details: the Earth once was the second planet of the sun and uninhabited due to its excessive liquidity was later inhabited by people originating from Bolerian solar system that is very million light years away from here, but before the country was inhabited by humanoid type creatures that reptilski people Bolerian solar system were at war and pocketed the planet. But around 30 million reptilski humanoids are hidden underground to this day still exist. It sounds really fantastic too scientific, but it explains the details and facts that might confirm the story.Except for this unknown history of mankind, and detailed explanation of time travel by adjusting the desired frequency of the moment in which you want to attend, he speaks of the existence of all the possibilities of reality, such a reality in which the Nazis won the second World War II, there is a reality in which atlantcite (people who settled the country struggling with dragoncite) lost in the war and the conquest of the country dragoncite ..Impresionirachki is that all possible situations that we can imagine such opportunities actually exist in reality poedinchna for all. Something very much like film mr.nobody .

Otherwise while I studied fascination with Stewart Swerdlow, I could not guess - if e is a specific human evolution created by LSD effect, since it is clear that scientists in Montak experimented on him with LSD, which just then (in the 80s ) was quite widely used in secret experimental purposes.Among obasnuvanjeto somewhere in the term 'god', Swerdlow mentioned that after death our mind that the brain used as a tool for existence, continues to live consciously in the same kind as the world believes that there is after death. This fact is proven by a coma state in which it exists in the mind its own world that is created before the person. So, any strong belief in his creation of reality (whether it story by Swerdlow, or any other), presence of the same reality in which we exist and you, me, or us.


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