Saturday, July 23, 2011


"No man can walk out of his own story"
-Rango [movie] 01:22:08
That which we enter and bidnuvame part, called himself - role. We play because we believe that we are what we decided. But did not. We are one, we are in infinite pikselniot pixel monitor, and when you know it, not paying attention because it simply - do not believe. Never is it exists, but we believe it exists.
I do not want to spit on people, especially in my favorite childhood idols - Tony Mihajlovski and Igor Dzambazov, not because my horoscope relatives but also because I love. You know, some beliefs never fade completely, no matter how holy the day of the future. I hate to de mrcham neither one or the other, or at worst - only one (I'm not, right?), But after a little reconstruction of several events which I think wriggling as he followed, I discovered that Tony and Igor after receiving a kick from the theater, decided to play the role of life. Now they stood before an audience of two million inhabitants. So it is simply fantastic, they surpassed themselves! Or so?
Some people really differ from ordinary gossip books with images and some real people with different actors, but what does it mean "true"? Maybe just right for your reality, and that means it is only true for someone else, we all have different realities right, some similar to each other, some of us apparently. But we all believe in their role, precisely because we are convinced that he did not play it, but that we are. Each of us has a role in life: lawyer, professor, doctor, economist, actor, singer, painter. Maybe we are, we have our own role?
Dzambazov has had for years, was forgotten legend, we all adored, and nobody knew it existed.And OA! For almost six months here with the title "master" fills screens and daily newspapers - the man became a writer. " Handbook for anti antialkoholochari "is the title of his latest book, which its first reader, Kalipi says oscillates with the feelings, waving his hands up and down style of free flying. Sure, she and Igor have an affair, you know? It is not important. After the man tried to cash his velichejkji gambling ogramnata your profile and loss, this time will most likely try to earn his velichejkji soaked in alcohol profile setting for cheap as "the first time in my life someone told me that I drank two gallons of brandy a day "(excerpt from the book).
Tony on the other side that is (or was) my fellow citizen, fortunately not soselanin; wants same way to cash in on his fame, and without a thought of something poroginalno - and decided to be the sage's words. Namely, he decided to write columns . As a child of the village in which thrillers and mob rule dictionary disgusting joke, he is fully fit in the Macedonian comedy show. His vocabulary is kolumniski simply brilliant, it exceeds itself in each of numerous points of its multitalentnost.
I worry when we know Rigid thoughts ran to where the ancient idols of mine. Are they more sinned glumejkji wrong role, or that we fully trust in, not checking the actual values ​​of the printed letters? In fact what is "true" if only sequence which (not) match our subjective reality?
Maybe life is just playing different roles, but do not know whether the poet's role, or he lives just outside the game.


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