Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free will (and the power of consciousness)

It is clear that in every moment of life decide one of the myriad choices of our next act, it becomes interesting when you know that 95% of our actions control our subconscious. Then you impose prashnje: how to determine responsibility?
One neuronauchnik Sam Harris in his first book has described an experiment which proves that our brain reacts to 10 seconds before it did when our conscience needs to decide something.From here he comes to suspect that we might have free will:

Harris argued that "no account of causality leaves room for free will." He cited experiments in which magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) "predicts" that a subject is going to do something-on the basis of activity in the subject's brain-up to 10 seconds before the subject consciously decides to do it.
"Clearly, findings of this kind are difficult to reconcile with the sense that one is the conscious source of one's actions," Harris wrote.
It is now clear that it is part of our potsvesen mind, but the enigma remains the responsibility where it goes and where it stops. The subconscious is a network of programs that operate under 95% of the time, while 5% represents the conscious thinking that travels in the past and go into the future to compare lessons learned and predictions that would contribute to making important decisions.The main programs that hold the base of the network called subconscious, were created to fill the six years of life. A child under six years all the time perceived as environmental concerns (which for him is the whole world) and what about those six years will perceive will be the main basis under which shall be based all further acts in life. Just as interesting is the fact that the environment has effects on our DNA by our way of life is totally dependent on the environment in which we grow precisely because she programmed our subconscious that is not it our perception of the environment created by the subconscious programs.
In an interview with Bruce Lipton (below set for viewing here), quite clear precisely how our free will depends on the development of consciousness. His explanation of the power of consciousness is very simple: Rewrite the subconscious , ie reprogramming of the subconscious.
Sometime in the 16th minute onwards mentioned phenomenon " head over heels " expressing the power of free will because it previous state of "perfect Falling" our perception of the environment recognizes as paradise. Then comes the question: what prevents us to live when you want it? Pack is simple: Rewrite the subconscious !


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