Saturday, July 23, 2011

Misterijata of loving

It is interesting when you find something undiscovered, then you want to ekspresinirash, and if you want to ekspresionirash means you are impressed. At the time of the impression, I feel sympathy for something that predizvkalo impresionijata ie love. The more you love, the closer to zaljubenost sense, but it is up to a certain limit, extravagance and fanaticism mean obsession.

S akanjeto is perhaps one of the most important phenomena in human psihlogija, but it is beautiful because it has a negative side that is somewhat clear, but somewhere is still a mystery. To want something that brings you the direct damage is known negative side. That is zagatlivata damage arising from our two-way mutual liking. As a result of injury on two end?

The impression that emerges from loving or affection is actually limited. For its continuation will not care nature, it will leave our creativity. Art is inspiring person you want to allow eg be her chat about it. It is wrong to inspire someone you love, not that selfish, but unnecessary because you do not need it's too much love, but his pleasure from your love for him.

Maybe everything will seem too controversial to easily accept the fact, but on the contrary - is not controversial. Inspire someone to let you love is actually causing him the impression that automatically causes and loving, so daring and yet loving. The difference is that this time you're aware that it is very important to enable someone to love, ie be happy about it, rather than in love with you.

One quote:

"It is scary to people who will love you, scary is not that people want." (TT)

For example, you're famous and all you want, and those few that you like is not in your vicinity that you are somewhere else otselil end of the world, so you've forgotten, that in this situation no one wants you. But when a person you love, you do not need anyone's liking, you just need her joy of your zaljubenost to it.
And if you imagine the opposite situation - you're famous and you want all, but you can not love anyone just because you like crazy. What is worse? Or prashnje more important - what we really need to love us or we want?

Conscious thinking about things, give us their true meaning is determined by us personally, while only unconscious obedience dejsvuvanje program on which we built by others. Potsvesnost itself is actually a program that you download and follow the actions of others when we do not know what to do. Such moments are the most common early in his life, but their presence is excluded in the present moment.

.. And make someone proud to have your love!

Make love, not lovers. Smiling


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