Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obsessive attachment (and possible impossibility)

There is always a black and white. But not always just, but that is everywhere in all else, neostanati, lost, hidden, existing and non-existent things. How many things can be good, so they can be bad, and in fact may not exist if the good and bad have the power to interfere black and white and gray to get to that later iskolorira with more colors.

But what if we get the power to increase black or white strongly focusing? Then we get inconsistency or variation of an increase in black and white at a given moment. Which means, at one point getting a large black dot in the other - great white, moments occur with intense speed. In this case, when we get this power, becoming a paradox in themselves. Impossible becoming possible, good bad, right and so wrong. It's not because dualism is not odeleno but mutual. When such dualities as nesvrzliv, suddenly acting together, we get a paradox that is possible impossible phenomenon.

There are people who have experienced the paradox within themselves and are often psychopaths but not all. In fact, psychopaths are not bad, until you are violent, just as all general. But to some extent, many felt the paradox within themselves and were not aware of it. To mention the obsessive love of analysis, it wants to the extent that hurts. The power of deep zasakuvanje as good as it is not. And many want to be loved, but when you get it? - I reject! Then straight on what is known: - watch out as you wish!

Obsession syndrome occurs with the onset of the animals unnecessary pain. Traumas, complexes, etc. excessive suffering. In some cases it is these processes creates a special power of love which ultimately becomes obsessive and therefore inflicts pain on both sides. Impresionirachki is that holders of this power, are becoming more aware of and accept themselves slowly, and thus fears disappear. There is one such example of a psychopath who becomes aware and recognize that arguing is not at all bad - video here (click). For a while he engaged his words: "I hate to love me and want to hate me."

Otherwise mean obsession obsession with something all the time thinking of it, eg. the idea, thought, memory. It's focusing power for a longer period of time is not bad until they exaggerate the time period. But sometimes happens to exaggerate. Sometimes it just happens .. Good becomes evil retaining the goodness, the lover with whom I shared everything, you become the first enemy retaining You love it, it happens impossible impossible moment, bind contradictions keeping you the diversity and if they become aware of the paradox in itself, keep be seen as absurd, solitary by itself.


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