Saturday, July 23, 2011

The (non)power of THC (and loss of spirit)

As the power of love is overwhelming, so something happens and the power of antipathy! The difference is good and bad, as any difference. Beneficial to the harmful odelish good challenge, but once you stop being just that? Nothing special, it's just the beginning of your understanding for your one wrong choice!

Free-but carefully! So live a nice, or so to live, I have quite a good idea, but I think that phrase and it really dograbuva "adventures may be mad, but the adventurer must be normal." We wonder - as I only have to look .. Too offered things we see at any moment, even 60,000 bits information per second gathering with the view (according to some are, but not necessarily an accurate figure, let it be an assumption), of which consciously processed only 20,000 bits, because the rest of us not interest. From here we draw a logical conclusion: if we want to consciously process more of the things that happen around us, the same interest to us, so our awareness increases proportionally with increasing interest! Me the other day really interested me the opposite - as in fact we lose ie reducing interest?

Tetrahidrokanabinol or THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis plant. "Psychoactive substance" is a term for a substance that acts on your physical condition and such substances are known - drugs. Some are used against diseases, pain and other medical cases, some for fun and some for spiritual purposes by psihonautite seeking new ways and forms of perception, thinking, acting, or in other words - beyond an open mind. Cannabis, believe it or not, acts completely opposite order, ie psihonautskata motto of the open mind. With little analysis, you will see that this is actually very logical and relative, and daily (or weekly for example, Weekend) happens around you. People who smoke cannabis often have developed a habit to collect only the good images of reality that is those who were responsible for good mood, so, as we already know their motto - you make a "good movie". Thus, they emit a lot of things happening around them in Canon point, because currently they do not notice the mood, and those same things does not mean you need, but they currently do not take it as such. The longer time (think of a period of years) smoked cannabis (and often do not have), so users get stronger psychosis (which is usually mild first). These individuals have the advantage of family predisposition, which in the gene have already inactive psychosis that is activated much faster than others. Psychosis is nothing dangerous, it is the only source of sotojba insanity, madness, excited panichnost moments in flash, no obligations sensor and a bunch of smaller things. Source said, to emphasize that it is expressed in allegoric form or figurative sense, unfortunately.

Indeed, in comparison with other ways, so is not so bad to live in zatupenost from "cute movie" of cannabis by rejecting those things that need more analysis for understanding, but I do kompaktibilen psihonautskoto with research and experience of the spirit as more powerful way of watching over things. Yesterday I took the last smile "good movie" in which you bathe the eyes ubosta closed mind and closed it with my chronology. I odalecham to know people and to do label myself Dzhanak! Just one more for her to say I am sorry I went so deep down, was just naive, honest and nice kid ..


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