Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creating soul

Man is inherently evil creature, his growing understanding that brings them in integrating itself determines right and wrong actions, and its functioning starts to guild them. It is the process of building a spirit that is raising. While building the individual in itself, is building a soul. Individuality is not really distinguish them from all but omilenosti in creating things, which of course will differ from someone, and will intimate with each other in a way which has similar omilenosti with you, and for such a folk name of "soul mate" .

G olemiot English poet John Kejts says that writing poetry is the creation of soul. Writing poetry is seen as the ginning threaded perfect creativity that comes like a wave in many parts of the legendary life of man. Writing poetry is supposed to be beautiful kolektiviziranje their own favorite things as thoughts of the individual. Thus man is richer with pacifist desire, passion, hope and understanding to the vast right contexts of things.

Soul is what we are, deep inside. How are truer to yourself, the more we learn ourselves, and daily habits fun for masking or authority, distance us from the real us, but in certain doses are necessary for socialization and honesty though. The soul still dies with the death of the body ie with our transformation.
besmrtenata Spirit is our memory of previous lives, which is supplemented by that of the current.How often to connect with that memory, so we poduhovni (spiritual), ie we are aware. A means of connection teaches us psihonautikata [link] .

Because Grant transformation means losing your soul - its reliability is enrichment. A poetics also identifies with the durability of omilenostite, so here is another logical Kejts in the opinion of the creation of the soul. Ancient things (objects, actions, etc..) Are considered mentally richer.

A quote from Matthew David Segall :

Beauty is not a dress, but the naked skin of reality seen through the knowing eyes of the poet. Bless the true, but exalt unendingly the beautiful, for its goodness is all that brings the mind to its senses.

In the song "If Stones Had Tongues", famous poet James Freeman (who titled his song "I'm there" send to the moon with Apollo 15) expressing the essence of the soul explaining the difference between things that have soul and those not:

Should find if a Stones Tongue,
What Would They Say to me? Would They deliver sermons About tranquility? I think tranquil Being That Is Still Being more Than, And So I think their silence Is Not free of their Will. Although Stones seem to Stay AS in a solemn Trance, I understand their atoms Perpetually dance. And Stones HAD So if tongues, I think IT Would Not strange If They gave learned Lectures About the JOYS of CHANGE.

Soul is our contemplative beauty. If you have, we decide to express their honest thoughts of a nice way.


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