Saturday, July 23, 2011

Suicide (and euthanasia)

People are born unaware of what to do and why they are born, but over the life of study and create its own purpose, thereby creating his own soul. The objects have a soul, but all other living creatures and organisms have confirmed the presence of characteristic behaviors and actions on the world. The soul grows proportionally with the growing power of the first I on the other. It increases self-awareness and are coming closer to finding the answer to the question - why are we born and the purpose of our existence.

Sometimes all you have to set that issue, and therefore it instinctively and we wondered whether it is necessary to live. Do you know what it takes to experience the negative answer to this question?You try to think, and in addition will try to present my understanding of the topic. To decide on suicide, you need to realize that your life is meaningless and has no point, and we know all that nonsense should be stopped simply because do not need anyone.But, what could convince us that our life is meaningless, is just projdenoto dark experience. How is that experience in, the greater our conviction.So, I discovered the reasons for the occurrence of suicide, but now the question arises - whether it is okay, if that procedure will be understood by others as quite normal procedure for every individual who has gained such experience in life. In Switzerland it is already seen as normal and even necessary procedure for such people. Namely, there are centers that eutaniziraat voluntary clients, such a clinic "Dignitas" and so far have eutanizirano hundred Britons. Clinics develop so-called "suicide tourism", it does not matter where you come from, what is important is to have a certificate from a psychiatrist that you're okay or that you have a terminal illness and pay services, and then your eutaniziranje (destroying, killing) will ensure that the clinic staff. If you believe in heaven will go there, if not, do not go anywhere .. just do not exist! "suicide tourism" occurs because many Englishmen resolved to use the services of this clinic. it is precisely because English law does not allow eutaniziranje because, as stated in their laws - "motivs selfish", while Switzerland has a clearer definition of the same Act which provides space for the survival of such a clinic, which however due to suicide tourism lately is attack the authorities.For now, here it is too crazy to accept the normal, but the past few figures to count years, will be completely normal. Our Awareness decides to our existence, and no action on the things around us!
I personally am eutaniziranje at will, but only if the person is adult enough and reasonably aware that she herself is responsible for their actions and consequences. Here are a pdf document from Dignitas, which is so curious about my position and the clinic, let us read.


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