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Psychonautic in us

Psihonautot in us

Man has always been curious about the events that you can not explain. So arise and all religions, he is trying to explain unusual occurrences, used imagination and creating beautiful things in the world, as art, science, technology and so on. The purpose of the pyramids in Egypt is still a mystery, logical assumption would be that they are made to ensure eternal life of important people. It is assumed that the same order is created and religion, and recently the most hope for this question gives kreonikata (procedure for freezing the body and its revival after many years to continue again with life) although she is still not developed fully , the future still gives a theoretical chance that is possible. These examples show mentioned as the man from the beginning of its existence began with the creation of science fiction ideas triggered by a strong curiosity for the explanation and expansion of its psyche or consciousness.

Psihonaut can be every human individual that deals with research on human internal (unknown) psyche or his potsvest.Za this purpose there are several methods:

  • First hallucinogenic - used DMT, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, Meskalin, Salvija Divinorum, and Datura Ipomoea Trikolor or popularly called - Morning Glory. These substances are taken to achieve the mental state of psihonautot.
  • 2nd Rite - in a ritual altered consciousness is reached, ie observe ourselves from outside or as another person. We conduct training for focusing and strengthening the proper imagination, desire and imagination.
  • 3rd Dream - lucid dreaming is practiced in which a person becomes fully aware that she and a possibility of consciously managing sleep, then get the feeling that you get everything. Then istrzhuva where the subconscious can not fulfill our wishes. When you wake up, remember the dream so clearly that you have chuvstvvuash experience how it is experienced in reality. (Amanita Muskaria small dose, contribute to the emergence of this dream).
  • 4th Meditation - Liberation of the spirit with complete control of the body which leads to a harmonic steady state.
  • 5th Prayer - the prayer of your imagination for something that does not exist, start to subconsciously believe that is possible, so the subconscious still trying to allow to continue with belief. And if you reach the level of monitoring it by hand, will explore the subconscious where you can show off their skills.

Psihonautika is an ancient practice to expand consciousness exploring the subconscious. It is the main preoccupation of shamans, llamas Tibetskitata of ancient Buddhist tradition and guides in deep spiritual experiences. Today nea more interested psychologists and scientists that would have used for the treatment of mentally ill and advancement of technology and science in general.

Psihonautstvoto used by an independent entity, is able to detect its power, that is yourself, followed by impresioniranje and creative expression level.

For better spiritual evolutionary future of humanity and themselves become poljubopitni for themselves and what surrounds you!

Open your mind. Smiling


Dppolnitelno info:

Psihonauti Known throughout history were:

* William S. Burroughs
* Peter Carroll
* Carlos Castaneda
* Aleister Crowley
* Ram dass
Antonio Escohotado *
* Albert Hofmann
Aldous Huxley *
* William James
* Jack Kerouac
Ken Kesey *
* Timothy Leary ( Timothy LEARY )
* John Lilly
* Terence McKenna
Robert Monroe *
* Grant Morrison
* Daniel Pinchbeck
Alexander Shulgin *
* Alan Watts
* William White
* Robert Anton Wilson

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