Monday, August 22, 2011

"Child of Peace" (lost in nothingness)

Chedomir ("Child of Peace") Neskovski (born in 1958 in Kumanovo, Macedonia) is a Macedonian Rock singer. Even in his youth, when he was a little boy, he started playing guitar and started writing his first lyrics.

In 1979, he took 1st place in a local competition in Kumanovo along with his band "Ilindan". As a student, he performed with various bands on the Adriatic Coast with cover songs. On his first visit to Germany 1980, he met an Englishman in Munich, with whom he founded the duo "The Gods", which lasted for 5 years.

Chedo composed songs and worked with numerous musicians, such as:
"Don't let the music
touch the ground" -Chedomir
The well-known jazz musician John C. Marshall,
The rapper David Munderich,
The gifted electric guitarist Arian Dema ("Dan za Dan"),
Drummer Garo TAVITJAN from "Leb i Sol"
and the Australian musician Michael Still.

Chedomir entered Europe with an acoustic guitar only as a one-man show on, performing unplugged and did gigs in various cities, clubs, pubs.
He performed in: "Night Café" and "Susan Theater" in Munich,"Bel Etage" in Dusseldorf, with Angie Stardust in the "Tivoli-Theater" in Hamburg, in the "tapas" in Essen, in "Roxy's disco" in Zurich, in the Grand Café in Lausanne, at the Casino in Lucerne, in the old "Bamboo Bar in Amsterdam, in the "Pony" on Sylt, all over Germany, in Irish pubs and at numerous private parties.

"Magic - it's something what makes me blind." -Chedomir
In 2009 he return from Germany in his hometown Kumanovo and begin to walk through town in order to find his mind. Some people talk that hi was taking some psychedelic drugs in Germany which bring him to this madness, but no one really know (for now) what has really happen there. Since 2009 hi was hospitalized two times in mental institution. Now, in 2011 hi still search for his mind. At least now his brother took him to some village, in order to hide him from the people hi knows in Kumanovo.

His 1st MC with self-writen songs was realesed in 1989.
In 1991 on "Goal 3" in Duesseldorf he had over 2000 concert guests.
In 1995 his 1st CD "Chedomir" was published in Skopje, produced by the leading 'Yugoslav Rock-Pop' Music Production.
In 1999 he released a remix under the title "Freedom".
In 2002 he contributed a song to the CD of the fan-BVB.

His only songs on the internet are from the first CD "Chedomir" realised in 1995. Free to listen:


  1. I have seen him in my town three or four times. Last one was really sad, i barely could listen him. Hi was obsessed with some his victory story from Germany. Hi was speaking in different voice interval.

    Also i had fortune to listen him in live perform in Irish pub in our town, Kumanovo, and it was brilliant, i think it was his least show...