Saturday, July 23, 2011

False Guidance

Today, as yesterday, all over testify to the existence of false things about us. Many do not know that inter alia the witness. This is important when thinking in terms of (non) existence of consciousness because of lies depends on the existence or nonexistence of fictional things.
Previously there was anti-Tose group act on blogs and forums in order to break the "social phenomenon Tose". I do not know how managed to make a balance, but in ways not attempted to explain, because they were horrible. The real goal - to prove false empathy, was realized. Then I remember a show in which Vlatko Stefanovski Igor Dzambazov spoke against the rise of Tose, and thus lost a few fans. Then seriously interested in the question: what is it fake empathy, and how to deal with this confuse?

I always celebrities were hideous. The very fame, fanaticism, and even compliments to others and to me. Perhaps because I believe that success is the commercialization of life, maybe not. However, there are famous people who are my friends and I gave them a real respect, as long as I can priushtam if I could and would have gone funeral. Now, how to iquate all those people? If I have not heard enough Amy Winehouse, how can I share the arbitrary orientation of its death?In fact, several months ago I read about the specifics of her voice and unique talent, but for the terrible debilnost before the Serbian public. The songs are pleasant, even I can not compare with those of Kate Bush or Emily Haines in terms of my likeing, but Amy is still a character because of its insensitivity on alcohol and drugs, she becomes repulsive and pronunciation.
If I have to say today she rests in peace, then you ja paralleled with all my favorite singers, and some of my favorites at that level, which could equate to anything. Although the word comes from the fan fanaticism, there is too much diversity within the grounds fanot means to love and to feel, but inside you, just as some want their favorite hobby or collection of things collected over the years.While fanaticism would move more directly ie If someone else wants or believes in your opinion or belief, it is notorious from your thoughts. Similar thing as religion - Christian, ask yourself if something about the illogic of the Bible, then you blasphemous the moment of uttering the question.
False start things when people make from insufficient direction. It is false empathy, she shared when you have strong omilenost the target, but do it because all they do and because "it should".Those children who years ago were the first generations of lost their individuality (because it changed every night MUSIC - turbo-folk, rock and trance), today grew up and realized that they do not know what to do with it, so use with alcohol and drugs voluntarily to join the famous "Club 27" with Cobain and Morrison.


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