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Division of psihonauti (popularization of drugs)

Division of psihonauti (popularization of drugs)

Divisions are usually associated with conflict that ismisunderstanding, as always happens as a result. But there are still useful and harmful divisions. To know to make a difference to things, sometimes means that we consciously think and know to odelime true from the false values. But values ​​are individual work, right? A majority of its common values, and many accompany him without making a precise analysis.

Psychotropic substances long ago people used in different purposes. Some of them decided to popularize it, believing that it will go in favor of people thinking that they are able to benefit from it. Those "some" later led to the situation to ask yourself: "Do I really proceed properly?." That question you pose and Timothy on the day of his death, if you accurately dokumetarecot Timothy Leary's dead, you will find the section (his words quoted one of his close person). Otherwise forimira doubt from the evidence precisely for the fact that majorities wrong begins to understand the benefits of psychotropic substances, because it examines things lump sum, rather than precise.To express simple - it creates a situation of "deaf telephone" and the majority starts to distort the essence of the original motto of the initially ad s popularization which was launched from many psihonauti including first was Timothy. The outcome, ie end result was the popularization of mass destruction of human psychological stable control of his conscious mind. Therefore, LSD in 1971, put under illegal status konvenciajta the United Nations, which means seakde in the world is prohibited. Today the Czech Republic and otherwise in the Netherlands allowed the possession of certain doses, but not their traffic. However, Timothy remained uncertain whether the issue properly deal with the popularization of LSD, especially after Hoffman accused the hippies in the sixties of abduction and use of LSD in the wrong purposes.

I came to the realization that there are actually two types psihonauti. People like Hoffman and many more that are in secret, come to the substance of a scientific perspective, examining in detail what it can produce s Block to show the individual that she (the person) can produce or create. These people spread spoznaenoto about it, to those who are sure that you carefully and cleaned of stereotypes come to the substance (usually made of LSD conventions). Others think that popularization will bring greater awareness of the majority, do they have placed their undiscovered idea as possible before the mass and receive the status of legend. The bill, the crowd creates kultizam to that person and begins to blindly adored all his ideas, not thinking about the possible perversity that would occur in different understanding of them.

Something similar happened with Bob Marley and the cult of cannabis. Create kultizmot to it by the reklamiziranje znakcheto by forcing the ideas and the songs of Marley and the like. Everything was popularizaciona propaganda, as the insertion of LSD and other psychedelic substances in the culture as a major trans encouraged to experience transcendental ikustva. The problem arises when the crowd starts itself and to the doizmisluva ie modify the ideas of the legend (ie, personality cult), and creates a detour from the initial pretstveniot direction, and right, it results in an absolute separation krahiranje and in countless smaller parts, ie groupings which then grow .. and so on to infinity.

It is not wrong procedure psihonautite who place their ideas of the majority is wrong their acceptance by the majority of which creates a cult and not distort the original ideas, inserting them into a trance, reggae and related musical directions. And it all happens because of the habit of people to lump sum consideration of things. Already beginning to think that the lump-sum consideration of things, is not only wrong but also dangerous and harmful! If you are interested in something, or meticulously studied it, or do not at all.

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