Saturday, July 23, 2011

The role of authority ('question authority'-T.L.)

Authority plays a major role in the issue of validity, authenticity and quality in all interpersonal events or events in the planet. One psychologist has left behind quite familiar phrases (and before) itself, including this: "Think for yourself, question authority", which is very little concerns of the people, and even less understood in its true message. It usually happens because of indifference of people to think and spread the cult of "nezamaranje" flavored with cannabis, turbo, rap and several human noise that interfere with the evolutionary process. But there are always bright spots in the vlesena darkness, so in case there are people who have ever discovered what true authority is important in all processes of getting and losing are part of everyday activities polurandom a man. So there he discovered that, I wrote these instructions: 1st Choose your battles wisely. Observe the distortion methods for reinforcement of authority, it can happen for example when the professor's nagging (if you are a student) by asking questions in sequence, inert it can lead to the opposite effect. Climbing higher is not authoritative Level must be based on exploiting the good will of the people. second , however, if an authoritative person acting mistakenly hurting people or human rights, in no circumstances be justified because of its authority. You have as a human being not only the right but the duty, to prevent it. Global authority justify many evils, but it should not be happening, taking one's authority to this level is actually lower its Level to very low. 3rd down or sometimes perception of authority is quite abstract, like checking the correctness of the read or heard the wisdom or common wisdom of a community or collective. For example if most have common views, not necessarily always right or that the only choice, it just means that more people share similar views about a specific topic, nothing more. When you use it to their right to publicly questioning the authority or the validity of a particular group opinion, you are engaged in critical thinking, and it is simply fantastic! 4th Your authority is yours right. You are what you think and the more you appreciate yourself, the more you appreciate others, but you can not abuse it through the good will of the people (not to be seen as an overestimation), but your value must justify investing in their capabilities for independence through the art of speech arguments and logical thinking, and emotional stability. Simple: you are what you think.

The issue of avtoritetnosta and its necessity in the ascent of a Level above the eyes of others, there are many branching segments, but mainly this is enough for a small boost to some thoughts about this topic. It may be useful for thinking, maybe not. Everything depends on our subjectivity that is ours certainly are, but not the only existing perception of things.


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