Saturday, July 23, 2011


Many of us still are not aware that our brain has almost unlimited memory space! But if we want to know how and if possible, depends on our interest in research and analysis. Here I will try to give an analysis of the functioning of a human brain when it comes to memory. The brain contains memory images, all memories are stored in the form of pictures and never disappear, but we limited our contact with them. There are links that are placed between the images and their strength depends on our affective state at the time they occurred images are now stored as memories. Much like the Internet, we have access to it, and I do not know what's inside, the links leading to sites we use to get the information we need. The search engine plays a major role here!While the human brain is the native browser program that we determine what is important and what is not so analogous to it perpetuates the links or connections to the stored images, or memories. Once we know this, you ask whether we can manage ourselves that our search engine.And the answer is that you seako! To fully conscious management, being still unclear whether it is possible, but part is not only possible but also necessary. We know that the one who decides what our brains to remember and what to stay somewhere in it, hidden from us, works on the principle of affective situations, and our measures and sensitivity to ipresivnost situation. Now, what you should do is deliberately to sochustvuvame and impressed by the things we want to remember, so will give the program the subconscious signal that these things are important to us and it will strengthen links to photos of those memories, so so they will come in other national conscious memory. Thus also, we prove the reliability of memory by emotions. There are people who decide which program you need to remember is disturbed, and remembers and what things.This disorder is called disorder hipermnezisko and hipermnezija defined as enhanced memory for certain events (whether important or unimportant). The hipermnezija in excessive doses (which means pure and clear memory of many events and even whole parts of life), occurs most often when taking halucinogena drugs. This just once again confirms the theory of Timothy (which has developed in their own books through ten), that with proper running through hallucinations of LSD, you can acquire valuable memories, even those of predhodnit life that the theory is recorded in the DNA of every person.


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