Thursday, July 28, 2011


"There is a hope in raindrops, it means that every drop of rain holds the promise of regrowth."

We're still alive, although we do not know why or why not. Someone wrote that somewhere inside the raindrops lives hope for regrowth and the drops do not know it. What if the purpose of our existence is also hidden from us? Or maybe it just tales of psychologists who serve for manipulation.

Almost all probably have at least one ask, in the right direction has spent his potential, or maybe they do in vain. Most are struggling to prove that there is a God just to justify their existence, others deny its existence are to justify their inteligence. An atheist and philosopher (Daniel Dennett), in 2007
invented the word Deepity that indicates things are a fact of trivial way, but fundamentally incorrect. For example the word Love is just a word with five letters - that is true, but is slightly incorrect and the essential meaning of the word. There is other interesting  and ironic example: Good without God becomes "o". It is Deepity - ignoring the essential meaning of things. But actually, is there really essence in things or we put there, if needed?

An Australian blogger Kel, described as the importance of proving that things really determines whether or not God exists. For example:
"1. X is necessary
2. If X is necessary, then there needs to be a necessary being
3. Therefore, God exists
What if the X is irrelevant, AS is the Argument in General?"
The documentary below, which is scientifically proven sixth sense, mentioned that the universe is cosmic consciousness in which man may come into contact. It even as an idea is a fantastic thing, but actually is experienced by people. And if there is a cosmic consciousness then our potential can not be spent in vain, our life is meant to supplement that cosmic consciousness, our every experience is recorded in our subconscious that day without our knowledge is in contact with cosmic consciousness, that our potential and intellect are safely used in the desired order.

On the other hand, we return back to reality entwined with limitations and see how we spent time looking at the same place with the same people, wondering to myself why not give them something more than itself, and a man more. In fact, why no one requires nothing from us? We are willing to give more. Maybe because people are wrapped in their own prejudices. You can not condemn, they only way they can accomplish their safety.

Maybe we should turn back to the raindrops which safety carry the hope of regrowth? As we are living ourselves, every day we are more and more aware. We help raising the cosmic consciousness, so our potential is not wasted in vain, it is preserved there.

Documentary: "Is there a sixth sense"