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Umetniziranje (and association with depression)

Umetniziranje the topic would include all research that examines the art and its occurrence and vireenje general. Umetniziranje means creating art. But I think otsekoga W be tempting to find out what art is and how it occurs, always a magic perfume even the very notion, which is characterized, but also gives tremendous freedom to free-determination of its meaning. The Wikipedia definition says that art is all human creative activities, except those directly related to reproduction and survival. So najkonceznata form of naive art is that which bears only kreatiziranje emotional warmth and is excluded from any kind of commercial purpose. 
But because creativity is a pity not to be used commercially if we can improve many lives, people began to umetniziraat for commercial and art can no longer be distinguished from "art" and loses meaning.
In any case umetniziranjeto continues to be interesting for philosophers and psychologists, for example the relationship of artists and depression (just to ede n such SECTION I met a minute ago). the artists and view depresivnosta very long considered by psychologists as depth somehow the whole issue is not shallow enough for filosovsko making conclusions about it and can only be a skillful arrangement thoughts and assumptions,which stimulates thinking, but ends with ambiguity .
Psihonautikata reveals that except in the mind conscious and unconscious, can enter and natsvesna which is part transcedentnosta. Just over one psihonaut (in dokumetnarecotThe Beyond Within - LSD [link] ) is a theory that all the best parts of humanity ( photos, songs, science, technological advancements, books, movies ..) actually come from that state of mind, on entering a field where (if only the surface) and all the artists that differ from the rest. With little difference what he called "unsanity", and the remaining two are normality and insanity (sanity and insanity.) Would emphasize this interview (somewhere around 33 th min.) From the documentary:
- Do you need to seriously consider the reality of the hallucinations of LSD or is it just idle illusion as the product of intoxication? - what we have as a representation of the human mind is that it can be normal and abnormal, but LSD reveals a another state of mind which may be beyond normality, but at the same time and not be insane. It is assumed that this is the area where they come from all superlativni effects of mankind, not only art but also science! By the third area of the mind we can get closer to the prudent and wise use of LSD.

The association with depression umetniiranje comes from the fact that in mind, depression is facing insufficient serotonin function typically means that disruption of other chemical processes that depend on the number of levels of intelligence, the mind can lead to one third condition - natsvest. Furthermore, his choice is that out of there, and whether. With this theory agrees reasonably psychiatric explanation spinjeto, with REM sleep in which dreaming is called paradoxical sleep that disrupted several functions of the body. Otherwise there is a non-REM stage, even ortodoksalno called sleep, it is normal sleep and without sleep that usually lasts from 75 to 90 minutes and occurred in cycles which are divided by 15 to 10 minutes of REM or paradoxical sleep lies in the field of all our wishes and ideas, in which floats a symbolic sense of the word "dream". And all artists are called dreamers.
Depression is perhaps the disorder, but according to the fact that all things have their good and bad sides, and even depression can be tasted on the positive side. However, maybe happy is the people that depression is always positive, perhaps the artists feel the happiness in a different form from the ordinary.
In addition, a few thoughts from top artists around the topic:
All children are artists. Difficult is how to remain artists when they grow up.
Pablo Picasso, art is a kind of innate drive that grabs people and makes their own instrument. To perform this difficult duty, it is sometimes necessary for him to sacrifice happiness and everything what makes life worth living for other people. -Carl Jung matter how paradoxical, but it seems that life increasingly imitates art than art - Life. - Oscar Wilde Art is a collaboration between God and the artist. The less work the artist - the better. - Andre Gide The Art requires philosophy em, just as philosophy requires em Art. Otherwise, what would happened to beauty? - Paul Gauguin I moved to people with my art. I want to say: "He feels so deeply, he feels so soft." - Vincent van Gogh and the true purpose of crowning metaphysical activity of life is art.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

And a video in addition, of course. The sawed from the movie:


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