Saturday, July 23, 2011

Psychedelic art

Psychedelic art is mainly the kind of visual, audio and literary creations that are created by artists inspired by the psychedelic use of LSD, and meskalin psilocibin. The word "psychedelic" was coined to Hamfrej Osmond and means "manifestation of the mind" (mind manifesting). Umernost occurs in psychedelic sixties movements in kontrakulturnite ie among the hippies.

Psychedelic artists reportedly occur just after the discovery of LSD chemist Albert Hofmann of.
After getting out of "doors of perception" from Oldos Huxley, Jim Morrison gets inspiration for naming his band the Doors.

The biggest psychedelic artists later (in 1067 year.) Were the main leaders of demostracijata popularly called "Summer of njubovta." The movement spread across multiple cities in America, najmasivno in San Francisco. Participants in the movement were called hippies by the word "hipster" who from the beginning was used to mean "beatings" - people who uchestuvvaat in mass movement (movement but still active and spreading their ideas and different svojstvenosti).
Propagated hippies: a mixture of lines and ideas for music, positive effects of psychoactive drugs, sexual freedom, creative expression (or pozitiviziranje creativity), spreading love and so on.

The end with the completion of the movement, psychedelic artists ended sadly because it is clear that their visions are supported by the psychoactive drug that in certain cases because of the very negative impact misconception of vizuelizaciite.
Later with legal psychoactive substances prohibit, stop any chance of sharing a common love and artists continue to quietly reflect and to find each other as well stray from nesfateni mnozinstovoto.But because the attraction between them is greater!
Here are some psychedelic rock:

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