Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nor should the "Single Index"?

There is an independent student movement "isfrustirani" students who called themselves " Free card "and are seeking their debates and discussions is free participation of faculty and better student homes. But most students do not know whether it was a group of idealistic folly, or perhaps a viable option for equal chances of education for every adolescent. They way, despite not necessarily know, not actually want to know. That is the problem - why do I know when you may not know, and everything is in order.

"Free indekst" on Monday (4/18/2011) held a protest rather than a press conference in which part should have followed a discussion which will be attended by students from other Balkan countries. Reason - not stepped teachers room to hold a debate. This failure prevention. And. the independent student magazine describe a fairly negative approach to the Stu dentsko movement:
With respect to the cause of "free index", but all have already seen that the time for lifting uprisings long gone, and in the case of the Macedonian students may not be, nor will be.
All observers remained indifferent to their persistent calls to join in the protest, members of the "Free card" once again I speak for myself and on top of everything, at the very end of his speech the university staff began to react against their protests. Thus sadly ended another episode of a series of revolutionary movement. [ ..... ]
The question asked is - why this is happening, whether the "Free indekst" are really just idealists within the zeitgeist and similar utopian communist ideas that advance doomed? To answer I had somewhere to see if it works and whether it is a functional system. TheWikipedia information stand that this system works quite practical in the Scandinavian countries, even some of them as Denmark, allowed free education and stranskistudenti, although the system of non participation is implemented on the basis of introducing a new tax just for that purpose. Except in Scandinavia, free education and support Greece, Argentina and Sri Lanka. In Brazil is carried out only partially, in the best universities compete, and competition is quite fierce.
If this stalling so where possible we in our story? Why we are passive when we should do something for our future? And this certainly has a simple answer - because we pay mom and dad, and why should we care what someone out there did children of poverty and now no money to send to college. I believe that all passive, mostly those who offend and prevent student movement "Single Index"; have deep thoughts in this very simple and selfish response.
The theory may be enough to do, but practice is something where edinsvenoto but to know you and understand it. Right here is our story stuck, here where those who pay the parents did not feel the burden to keep the faculty without any help from anyone, and to pay to start working in two shifts, so will have to keep your emergency and you have only 3-4 free hours for sleep. I personally know many friends who have accepted this life, and precisely those most likely to move the student movement "Single Index" with a strong ambition to learn, to know to evolve. And in turn persecuted and mocked bidnuvaat.
Today these strong inside and outside pogazeni people, probably in a narrow time odeluvaat minute to ask - Are any of the known theoretical, may now or ever, or at least understand where we feel stuck in our story?


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