Saturday, July 23, 2011

Timothy Leary (and the power of the mind)

We all have bad moments in life. We have nightmares when we are awake. Sometimes alone and entering a depressed period for exploration of the depressive part of our mind. You know, he has everything he knows everything, everything he can! We just need to know which part to choose to use. But often, choosing between good and bad, are going to mix the terms (from too much empathy with them) and finally we can not discern good from bad and vice versa. Our mind can be very dangerous tool if you choose to use for that purpose. But because we have not explored this area, we decide we do unconsciously. Which means you need to consciously decide e analytical research capability of our mind.

A prominent psychologist, doctor of psychology and professor at American University Harvard - Timothy Leary (Thmothy Leary), his entire life studying the human mind and its labyrinths with the help of hallucinogenic substances. LSD, and meskalin psilocibin cause hallucinations best suited for visual display of mental labyrinths and their contents preserved for centuries in the code of the energy of our soul and transferred from one body to another Building. Timothy has said (video below is the statement) that after the accident in Mexico for the first time in life trying mashrums Magic (hallucinogenic mushrooms), acknowledges a lot more about psychology than what we (already fifty years old) has learned in his apprenticeship as a doctor psychology.Since then actively starts by exploring the hallucinogenic substance LSD-of which it becomes a favorite for the study because of its enormous power. After starting a project funded by the government that will try to prove the positive effect of LSD on humans. The project includes research and analysis of the behavior of people who voluntarily agreed to take LSD. The survey was actually made ​​any empirical mostly on military and prisoners. Working on the project, Timothy iskovuva solid theories about the positive effect of this substance halucinogena. But soon the government stops funding because LSD-ROM not found useful for the war. In fact the government had a hidden purpose - to use it as an LSD-secret weapon against the enemy, namely, the United States was at war with Vietnam. Following the suspension of the project team with his colleague Richard Alpert harvadr secretly continues to research, then suspend them both from Harvard. He then became a guide for several companies and research use of LSD among people began to propagate the positivity such as LSD. a guide to spiritual napredog ie upgrade of the spirit. With the help of a research project on the positive effects of LSD, Timothy and Ralph together Mecner Alpert, wrote the book "psychedelic experience" ( The Psychedelic Experience)which is based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Here's a small quote from her:

"Psihodelichnoto experience is a journey into new dimensions of consciousness. The scope and content of experience is unlimited, but its characteristic features are transcendence of verbal concepts, of space-time dimensions, the ego or identity. Such experiences of enlarged consciousness can occur in different ways: sensor deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, religious or aesthetic ecstasies (rapture, thrill), or spontaneously. Recently they become available to everyone by taking psychedelic drugs like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, etc. Of course, this remedy does not produce transcendent experience. It simply acts as a key chemical that opens the mind, frees the nervous system of ordinary patterns and structures. "

The team ends its life of 76 years (from 1920 to 1996) and leaves behind impresionirachka resume and twenty books that contain important education about LSD and its effects on positive utilization goals.

I recommend the book "Your brain is god" and .... hover with open minds.

Open your mind. Smiling


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