Saturday, July 23, 2011


Although people often confirms that the definition is destructive sushetestvo, his instinct is still focused on what he had at least hoped - excellence! People come together, or integrated into various groups, ranging from group mates (company), through various organizations, integration of state structure is to marriage. Man creates groups and become part of them realizing that it is imperfect and without someone's help, will succeed in their set tasks. Let's first define the word perfection or excellence. He comes from the Latin word "perfectio" and wants to explain the state of completeness. Now, throughout history in different vmetnuvale Science and everywhere gave him a different meaning but the essence is the same. In estetic based on beauty and art, in mathematics Plato ordered two perfect numbers: 10 and 6, later showed up a few more .. But it was not very interesting, what interested me is the ethics and its opinion on perfection. There has been described as harmony with nature and reason of man. But ethics sets question-whether man should be perfect? Where Plato was initiated by restoring the thesis that the idea of excellence, encourages man to strive towards perfection. The excellence has always been part of human perfection is in fact part of every atom on the planet, but was never full and there is a tendency to its completion. We, as is quite chivechki would say-so would be interesting if is perfect, we enjoy the imperfections. But why strive and do?
It remains for us an eternal question, because eternity is very small even for our span of 100 years. Our instinct requires us to act repulsive side, violent action, and even knowledge, but evolving, to overcome it, so maybe that means that we move Closer to perfection and we are focused on him, or maybe not. However, such an instinct is always in us, our task is to conform. Part of this instinct explains the phenomenon to the forbidden love only because it is prohibited. Our task is again to conform it. The success of our work depends on our awareness that, while consciousness is aroused by education. Until we have more examples that strive Excellence, so if it's already so, I suggest that imperfection in pouzhivame offers impressions, interesnost, grandeur, pain .. because they do not know how I lived without it, but hope to adapt and therefore have many eternities before us.


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