Saturday, July 23, 2011


There is a religion called glory (or glory), which is a branch of Christianity and the Christians have an interesting motto: "let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." But this is pretty irrelevant, because the notion of fame is interesting philosophical and psychological point of view, but they accidentally took the religion. I think fame as a religious phenomenon has more substance than any existing religion. The basic common base of the two is a false reflection or fanciful account. Falsity increases directly proportional to the increase of fans (fans, followers). Almost came across an article ( LINK ) for the idealization of art, primarily of skepticism like Kelley, so often follow. But this time he idealiziranjeto justified as a means of filtration quality, although I was completely the opposite, especially after one of metakritika frustration, he has curable with schadenfreude over it ( LINC ), however, agreed with Kelly because of all of us necessary and all idealiziranjeto undoubtedly do it every day in numerous ways - music, film, filmmakers, writers, poetry, humor. In fact it is osnovoto fuel that drives us in life - the impression, admiration. Something similar happens with the female glamor as a magnet for men, and basically just fake mask.

Interestingly, lately I have noticed is that fejkot prekoncentriran famous things in an artistic field, which actually refutes Kelosophy  filtration quality as today's fame began to be based on psychological manipulation of people flock led by media. For example Igor Dzambazov for a second day doing promotion of a book published in September 2005, why? Probably because you are not interested in commercial purposes and the book, not been more publicity, but there are now so interested Venko pumpachot hired to review the napumpa one wonders, so that you can earn back the stupidity of the Macedonian and falling easy tips. In 2005 it was 600 denars, today is 400, and prices are pravduva a setting for comparing them with one ski in Mavrovo which cost 800 denars. Of course I have read the book and I do not think that is nonsense. It read as much worth a read stripche average (say by Vlado J.) Stripcheto and never has a price tag of 600 or 400 deanri. Venko And this is not the first time (remember the example of his cousin (then) 15 year old when he wrote a fantasy novel - Mistergonija) but no tradition, and you're the man earns it. Point to illustrate the question: where is there justification for filtering quality art? I think that the glory of art as a phenomenon is justified only when it is dead artist, then it is certain that he has no commercial need. Glory should be valued in this case because it is based on truth. For example, Philip K.. Dick wrote after 68 pages a day and began about 20 years ago, his science fiction stories have sold for prices and miserable because he had often fasted money for food, so often the horse bought food shops to animal feed.Today, according to his stories and novels are recorded movies: Blade Runner, Total Recall, RoboCop, Minority Report, Paycheck, A Scanner Darkly, Next, The Truman Show, Inception, Vanilla Sky, The Matrix and many more. His ideas were written nearly 80% of the entire base filmed science fiction in the world. This famously isfiltriralo time because these movies are sminani written half a century after the birth of their ideas.

Glory is something that you do not want to spread throughout if searching for the truth. Death is real, but the truth is painful because the pain is the only truth.Happiness is a fictional abstraction based on a false projection or illusion, but it is still necessary, and damn beautiful.


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