Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ecstasy - harmful or helpful?

When you truly begin to study drugs and all the contradictions of them, discovering a new world that is quite different from that in which I lived the whole time before. The question then asked is: are new discoveries is actually the real world in which we all live, and we are not aware of it, or is someone else entirely?

Ecstasy is a term for tablets containing MDMA - psychoactive chemical that acts exclusively on your mind.It stimulates the mind when it happens chaos of different emotions, that part is helpful. "But the problem arises when people start to take the moment when you need ie when no problem. "- saysRick Doblin (President and Founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies(MAPS).) documentary Ecstasy Rising from 16:25 to 16:36 min. (given below is for online viewing - 43 minutes ). The documentary film is focused precisely all the facts against evil rumors about drugs or ecstasy. The ecstasy is synthesized 1912. but even in 1970 began their popularity thanks to Alexander Sholgan ( Alexsander Shulgin ), but after 15 years of manufacturing is prohibited and is illegal today. U.S. Government for this procedure is justified by the scientific claims that ecstasy permanently destroy the brain by preventing the account of emotions and the drive defect in secretion of serotonin function typically aims for 85%, and even getting pankresova disease from one ecstasy. The problem with the authenticity of these trvdenja contradiction occurs because the scientists, because today the millions gathered more scientific claims that the harmful effect is only in the secretion of serotonin function typically decreases that only 5% and it can be repaired with 2-3 apstinacija months. Ecstasy not only perfectly innocuous, but the mind and necessary in certain situations. However you may be winter often, and no real need for it.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that pure ecstasy may not be harmful if they learn more about its effect and avoiding the damage caused by overuse. At this point comes the question: "why are not legal ecstasy?" In dokuemtnarecov below has very accurately explained (neakde 39 th min.) That because ecstasy is now a street drug that is illegal, drug leaders mixed with PCP (angel dust) , heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and more drugs are extremely harmful to the body and which harm can be avoided. Today, the streets have 98% fejk ecstasy, which means that almost no pure ecstasy, so today is much easier for the government to produce negative scientific evidence with real examples. In this situation the fact is today's Dhaka "ecstasy" are harmful. This poborci all talking about the usefulness of ecstasy which 15 years studied and used legal ecstasy, as the documentary Michael Clegg Ecstasy Rising .

We recommend dokumetarniov film (Ecstasy Rising) below those who prefer a truly open mind on ecstasy:


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