Saturday, July 23, 2011

Impression (and awareness)

So much has that magic word that confuses me completely in the decision where to start with its discovery. The man on the world and everything is around, even on himself, act in two ways: consciously and subconsciously.
Knowingly act when born too small, but growing man growing awareness of his actions. But what lies in his subconscious and unconscious dictates the action is in a very large scale so far nobody has managed to measure (but it is important to note that many have tried just using hallucinogenic substances). The word "magic" replaced much of what we do not understand, so do not accidentally used to describe the content in the word "impresion" because the impression is controlled precisely by the human subconscious. But the man through appropriate analysis and research, comes to the discovery of a large part of his subconscious action. Thus sustained positive and negative gains. The negative is that the codes are found (the manner of creation and perception) of words whose content is often described with the word magic and creates an impression, so decoding them, loses the possibility of recurrence of impression .. However the positive is quite satisfactory, they are freed from all fears and disconnects the possibility of any further creation of complexes, knowing that fear creates his subconscious, ie himself. The term "impresija" is necessary to analyze to a certain limit which is set after collect enough amount of information that will give us the impression detected immediately after its appearance in that you value more than before when we did not know what is feeling and whether we needed. If I say: "I love impression because" I really think that she is able to create things that my brain electrical waves, register as impressions, although it is not quite aware of it and can I registered as a fanatic. The difference between the analyst and the devotee is in the level of awareness of the term impression. Fanatic feels inexplicable magic in unrestricted form, while the analyst impresioniranje collects that amount to the border which will only detect impression and will perceive as an important emotion. impression by definition is highly experienced feeling strong impression. It is one of my favorite concepts, because without it, life would be meaningless, but not everyone is aware of it. The impression is what we decided to be born! When we collect any life experiences, emotions and impressions, and die a rich harvest, but only if we are aware of it.


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