Saturday, July 23, 2011


We all do what we will, until the moment when someone secretly we will replace it with his will.Then enter more wrong position and continue with it until the moment when the miracle of a chance, going to wake up. Coincidence for which I speak is actually in the same moment is no coincidence. But I would have kept the theme of "faith" or in Greek - Thelema (θελημα).

Ever deeper we wondered: "Did we do what we will?" Is just as important as what is not important at all, much less importance. So the question is not really important because when you analyze more deeply the word "will", it'd just answer, then there is no reason to ask.In fact there are laws that will need to know precisely to distinguish them from other laws and thus to know if we do what we will.

There is a book "Book of the Law" written by Aleister Crowley in 1904. In what has been developed philosophy of life called Thelema.The book boils down to two main phrases:

"Do what you will and it shall be the whole law!"

"Love is the law, love under will."

To do what you will, emits much broader meaning, and therefore encourage a sufficient means to begin an analysis that promises clarification. If you podrazgledame second bit of the first phrase ("It shall be the whole law"), now the world that we can do what you want and you should not follow other laws. Here are partly right, ie you are entitled only to the second part of the sentence ("should not follow other laws") that we can only do what we will, and our sense of morality, our laws will determine.

Second phrase hides a secret mystical. The Greek, the word "will" (Thelema) and the word "love" (agape) contain the same numerical value. This should conclude that the Universal will have a love nature.

Aleister Crowley (born Edward Alexander Cole name) was born 134 years ago and nearly four months. (12th October 1875 year.). The book was written for three days (eight, nine and ten in April between midnight and one o'clock), based on the philosophy that developed in Thelema, the establishment of religion, and essay in the same way as Christians - Christmas (Christmas), the celebrated Kroulimas (Crowleymas). Trademark of Thelema is created that represents the Alistair heksogram which added five rose leaves, which resembles as petolisna detelinka. Alistair has a very interesting biography quite extensively represented on the Macedonian Wikipedia, so you better be there to know, or even better has described a blogger ( link here ).

Our will is controlled by ourselves. The more we know ourselves and our consciousness of things, the more we know the laws of our faith.


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