Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's just a matter of perception doesn't it?
The notion of reality can fully understand the perfectly mind if you do drop out , but one drop out from there is no coming back, so it remains stuck there in the nothing of the power i.e. precisely in the creation of all existing and non-existent things. This don't sounds like science fiction, but fantasy. And yet, it is science fiction. Actually I do not know if anyone thought, but also all possible science fiction films, just because they meet only sci-fi that, and this story is not based on an assumption that is least likely to occur. You think about, right?
is the difference between science fiction and fantasy, the first is based on the least possible assumption of occurrence, while the second is based on something that can not be assumed unless there is no sense of what reality itself is called fiction or fantasy. The borders of the impossible possible and creates what is called reality, it is based on physical laws, and is produced by the chemical.Interesnosta is you do not know who created the chemical, so I guess it is God, and each has a different understanding of the term, and thinking in that direction too tired to be interesting.
Glavnosta is that the reality within the physical and chemical processes that has its own laws, ie paths that move. We create the physical sensations, mainly those for vision and touch, so define what is and what form any. But if you know (because it is a fact) that taking the drug in the brain occur by various chemical processes voobichajnite in humans, so we begin to see and touch the other things that people do not exist, is not it would be logical to think that It is the creation of another reality? The only thing required of that reality are physical laws that we believe would have invented if it had much more power or imagination might have invented machines that (because there is already something similar).
The reality is real only if it set the exact details of the physical laws. This completely agrees with the fact that science fiction is something real and fantasy is the exact opposite of it.
It is interesting to podrazmisli little aboutplasibo effect , I think this is key evidence that we are able to invent a reality that would be different from this, and not a fantasy. There was an experiment in which the doctor makes a false operation on a patient who is convinced that the operation is true, and after its completion, the patient becomes completely healthy, believing it is real surgery, the doctor who proved that man is able to heal itself if strongly believes it.Now, this would put the story in our comparison of 'creating a new reality' by 'samolechenje' while 'imagination' need to create a new reality will izednachime (or merge) with 'belief'.
This proves that man can create s anything that you desire, exactly the same imagination. But that imagination should not be the type of fantasy, science fiction, but, because of physical laws in fantasy are not present. The physical laws we need to establish trust, because we could not believe something illogical. So logical imagination creates faith, and together create a new world (or a new reality), and that if you work. There are people who have achieved this, but unfortunately history has described as crazy, just because they are out of this (all known) reality. I think their drop out yet pertstavuva evolution and evidence that human beings can be omnipotentni.


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