Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Documentary: Psychedelic Experience

Оne thing we don't understad about the drugs is that there is some drugs that might help you wihtout any dangorious side effects. There is a quote:
"All drugs have benefits and risks, but in psychedelics we have been tempted to see only one or the other. Not anymore."
It's so true. But there is a question coming from there: How can we get just benefits without the risks or with lower risks that's not dangerous? Well, we have to learn this for years, it's a very tricky question. It's like: was Timothy Leary insane, and did hi was right? The answer is.[.....] you choose.

Here is one documentary called psychedelic experience, i'll quote something from it:
"The psychedelics are opened door for many people, but opening doors and go through them are two different things"


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