Saturday, July 23, 2011

Virtual socialization (second life)

Usually occurs before death, but some things happen in their lifetime - to lead to unity with itself and svjata awareness of life. The knowledge related to socialization that inevitably passes through a tunnel as well, is surprisingly harmful to the need for socialization. Therefore, people usually do not recommend you think about the meaning of things (especially not the life), and number 42 is already quite satisfactory answer to all questions. (:])
There's a clue - unity and one of his close - universalism. The two decided to merge in 1961 jointly formed zdrzhenie where you will be grouped and debate on certain philosophical or social issues. Universalism has utilitarian religious - philosophical basis, but this association has members who are from different religions and even atheists. The guiding motto is: "free and responsible search for truth and meaning".
He had just returned from a session with a group of commonly used univerzalisti certainly physical, but with a microphone and chat, as well as full spiritual setting second life thanks to the program (and play for someone). Attended with a friend and I joined the debate a topic for an opinion about drugs, specifically - psihodelicite and their need for careful integration with the spiritual goals. Host chose my topic and this one-hour mass religious - philosophical society was a fascination for me. They had a fairly clear view that the changed consciousness through psihodelici is mainly positive for spiritual isksutva. Utilitarian Umiverzalizam company is certainly aware already freed from all social prejudices, and in some way and expect their positive attitude. Here are some posts from the discussion:
[Seven two p.m.] Cedarbridge Darcy: I think I Would Also Say That Might Not a UU necessarily Believe That Drug Usage is "Bad" just the governemtnsays Because IT is.
[19:05] Joan Ixito: How An ALTERED CAN state of consciousness BE spiritual?
[7:06 p.m.] Ixito Joan: I suppose if I know My state of consciousness is ALTERED, I'd My disregard induced "experiences"
[seven six p.m.] Ferox: the only Thing you do anything by Making Illegal is CREATE MARKET Black and a more Make People Want to do IT.
[seventeen past seven p.m.] Darcy Cedarbridge: Ferox, do you think IOS Enlightenment a Personal or shared experiencer?
[7:17 p.m.] Ferox: Well im coming from a buddhist perspective on this, Who are those apparently enlightened have gotten RID of all notions of the self, So technically Since the self doesnt exist, IT IS a shared Experience.
[7:18 p.m.] Joan Ixito: CAN IT BE how shared if there is no ONE to share IT with .. no becouse ONE Has a self.
[19:19] Ferox: Well i Mean, I'm coming from Where is That there is no self for anyone, So We are all just non Existing, Together .. so it is SORT of shared.
Incidentally, I have not met Macedonians in second life, most Americans and Englishmen. After a little while I get the feeling that the West with this new solution includes the actual obligations simplificiranje turning to life, meetings, and maintenance and mission in the 3D virtual world of second life. Perhaps it is the future. But however, works perfectly as a virtual socialization in the original sense of the term, unlike Facebook, which has quite the opposite effect, because there is communication with unknown repulsive because of the prejudices exposed personal information.
Three dimensional virtual second life this way and the gentle sound of the group meetings to debate (via chat and microphone) for some philosophical, psychological, social and religious themes; a fascinating opportunity for virtual socializing with people from around the world.Otherwise, every Thursday at 18 am (at that time is Friday at 3 am) in the second life world "UUtopia", held its meeting of unitary univerzalisti, whose organization and several members of his immediate family of Barack Obama.


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