Saturday, July 23, 2011

Usefulness of the Internet (and enabling reinkranacijata)

I got tired of a documentary (Cognition Factor) that even half of the Squinting her pale eyes on the track. I snatched for Terence McKenna, among other scientists who contributed their views on certain philosophical issues. But it another way, will be particularly doizrazam for his account and my sympathies to his thesis on the positivity of psychedelic drugs, especially the magic mushrooms that his "trademark", otherwise the man is in a similar frequency with the team due to the active promotion of positivity and the need (for the evolution of human kind) of magic mushrooms.

There is no doubt that it evolve quite rapidly in recent decades. This was agreed by all scientists documentary, and certainly, most responded to different questions, but mostly all zabeguvaat or so perhaps I'm zabegan .. (Dec kueshchn a trick that Timothy would say). The question of what consciousness is cast quite interesting razmsli "consciousness probably existed since the creation of the universe, and by developing the material became possible to move goods in more, leading to flourish individually within every human being"; " awareness is the ocean of life "," consciousness is a breath of life .. "This thought is otherwise quite interesting:" Everyone is asking: 'Who am I, where I came from and where I go when I die' - those issues as we alive we can not answer them, do not know why waste time looking for answers, you'll learn when you die and leave. "

What I especially thought led me to review again the film is a reflection of the end, the theme was 'what happens when you die':

"And there was reinkranacijata, we have already enabled by leaving his memory in the Internet."

Quite true, amazingly impressive! Do we actually won with the death of the Internet option to access our memory, memories and experiences of a billion people, the opportunity to learn exactly what we want, the opportunity to move closer to the title "Lord" in that we have the opportunity to see almost everything that happens in the world and at the same time as it happens .. Of course, we won over death, but we are incredibly close to providing reinkranacijata. Our soul is in our memory, what we see is not what happened, but what we are. Our attitudes and perspectives on events are actually what we are, and they depend, or created from our experiences are actually our memory. So it posted on our memory in the Internet means leaving our soul there, so after the end of the body's ability to store memory, it remains immortal by the Internet, and thus has an opportunity for someone who will gain access to it, to incorporate in and built upon. So he will dwell in our soul and it would also upgraded.Chovechstvoto currently located in such rapid evolution, as never before.

The future does not exist except in our imginacija. The present is what we need and that we live in, why not be curious to absorb and explore memory and experience of others, why we do not represent their reinkranacija, the possibility of upgrading and development of human kind? .. The Internet is incredibly useful for chovechstvoto if use correctly, though. He now more than ever, needs to chovechstvoto. The same Hoffman has said about LSD, then, holding the arguments that major scientific breakthroughs in recent decades potiknati exactly LSD, many Nobel laureates and creators of the key things that we all use today, admitted that actually used LSD to expand awareness at that moment, just enough to mention the recognition of Bill Gates.


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