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Thursday, July 28, 2011


"There is a hope in raindrops, it means that every drop of rain holds the promise of regrowth."

We're still alive, although we do not know why or why not. Someone wrote that somewhere inside the raindrops lives hope for regrowth and the drops do not know it. What if the purpose of our existence is also hidden from us? Or maybe it just tales of psychologists who serve for manipulation.

Almost all probably have at least one ask, in the right direction has spent his potential, or maybe they do in vain. Most are struggling to prove that there is a God just to justify their existence, others deny its existence are to justify their inteligence. An atheist and philosopher (Daniel Dennett), in 2007

Saturday, July 23, 2011

False Guidance

Today, as yesterday, all over testify to the existence of false things about us. Many do not know that inter alia the witness. This is important when thinking in terms of (non) existence of consciousness because of lies depends on the existence or nonexistence of fictional things.
Previously there was anti-Tose group act on blogs and forums in order to break the "social phenomenon Tose". I do not know how managed to make a balance, but in ways not attempted to explain, because they were horrible. The real goal - to prove false empathy, was realized. Then I remember a show in which Vlatko Stefanovski Igor Dzambazov spoke against the rise of Tose, and thus lost a few fans. Then seriously interested in the question: what is it fake empathy, and how to deal with this confuse?


It's just a matter of perception doesn't it?
The notion of reality can fully understand the perfectly mind if you do drop out , but one drop out from there is no coming back, so it remains stuck there in the nothing of the power i.e. precisely in the creation of all existing and non-existent things. This don't sounds like science fiction, but fantasy. And yet, it is science fiction. Actually I do not know if anyone thought, but also all possible science fiction films, just because they meet only sci-fi that, and this story is not based on an assumption that is least likely to occur. You think about, right?


Short film nondeterministicpoint. The story boy and girl inserted through sophisticated technology that will see the future to guess about. Then decide themselves whether to choose the future.

The genre is drama with science fiction. Sci-fi elements are just background details of the story, the sketch is finished influence on the minds of love, and it otskiluva just at the moment the decision after videnata future, where the looms and nondeterministic point and rounded story.

The film "Adjustment Bureau"

There are things that inspire, maybe it was things that awaken in you the magic called love. You know, I found inspiration in love so close that maybe I am convinced that these two concepts are blood relation, possibly sisters or cousins ​​at least. Things that (mostly) inspired me, people, and movies. In fact they do not? But music, and many more items and miracles are real or only fictitious, whatever. Art creates love, and love creating art.


"What was written will come to pass."


I think that consciousness has the capacity to change reality according to you, as I knew that if you sleep, then sleep. Also if I knew you were crazy, then you're crazy. On the other hand, lack of awareness by you, you change the existing reality, as if unaware that they are destroyed, will destroy and will not do anything about it, and reality will have the full control over you.

Fascinating reality of Stewart Swerdlow

The other day researching about mind control things, the Internet accidentally met a character impresionirachki - Stewart Swerdlow. He is an author, linguist (with ability to speak 10 languages), lecturer and most interesting - mentalist. Mentalistot spiritualist as opposed to, or spiritual vidovid, is one who believes that unless you can read mental information, and modify. I would call it science fiction because state iluzioni looking creatures and a strong belief that they are real, helping mentally travel through time and read minds, is too suspicious for narekuvanje craze simply because it is possible vomozhno, who really knows ..
Stewart Swerdlow is among 1% of survivors Montak experiment in Long Island that was built in the eighties by the U.S. government as a secret project in which scientists have experimented with mixing genes from different animals, people and insects .. In a radio interview I heard that mixed wasp and man, man and dolphin .. and many similar combinations. The aim of the project was to Montak include psychological mode of warfare in a way that will reveal the special powers psychological creature will control themselves in their favor. But the project ended unsuccessfully and Stewart was put in jail for not talking about his past. Probably quickly released today freely talk about his experience of fascination in Montak project. He says that during the project attended extra terrestrial beings who trained in hiperspejs to travel through time, and he told many fascinating science fiction story in which he believes as undiscovered truth. Our ignorance of the story so far justifies the reason is that as a consequence of centuries of planned programming of our mind. He still holds classes for mind control (his theory) that will reprogramira people.Same holds for hours and travel hiperspejs .
The story she tells in a radio tape (placed below the listening here), will mention a few important details: the Earth once was the second planet of the sun and uninhabited due to its excessive liquidity was later inhabited by people originating from Bolerian solar system that is very million light years away from here, but before the country was inhabited by humanoid type creatures that reptilski people Bolerian solar system were at war and pocketed the planet. But around 30 million reptilski humanoids are hidden underground to this day still exist. It sounds really fantastic too scientific, but it explains the details and facts that might confirm the story. Except for this unknown history of mankind, and detailed explanation of time travel by adjusting the desired frequency of the moment in which you want to attend, he speaks of the existence of all the possibilities of reality, such a reality in which the Nazis won the second World War II, there is a reality in which atlantcite (people who settled the country struggling with dragoncite) lost in the war and the conquest of the country dragoncite ..Impresionirachki is that all possible situations that we can imagine such opportunities actually exist in reality poedinchna for all. Something very much like film mr.nobody .
Otherwise while I studied fascination with Stewart Swerdlow, I could not guess - if e is a specific human evolution created by LSD effect, since it is clear that scientists in Montak experimented on him with LSD, which just then (in the 80s ) was quite widely used in secret experimental purposes. Among obasnuvanjeto somewhere in the term 'god', Swerdlow mentioned that after death our mind that the brain used as a tool for existence, continues to live consciously in the same kind as the world believes that there is after death.This fact is proven by a coma state in which it exists in the mind its own world that is created before the person. So, any strong belief in his creation of reality (whether it story by Swerdlow, or any other), presence of the same reality in which we exist and you, me, or us.
Radio recording with Stewart Swerdlow>>


"No man can walk out of his own story"
-Rango [movie] 01:22:08
That which we enter and bidnuvame part, called himself - role. We play because we believe that we are what we decided. But did not. We are one, we are in infinite pikselniot pixel monitor, and when you know it, not paying attention because it simply - do not believe. Never is it exists, but we believe it exists.
I do not want to spit on people, especially in my favorite childhood idols - Tony Mihajlovski and Igor Dzambazov, not because my horoscope relatives but also because I love. You know, some beliefs never fade completely, no matter how holy the day of the future. I hate to de mrcham neither one or the other, or at worst - only one (I'm not, right?), But after a little reconstruction of several events which I think wriggling as he followed, I discovered that Tony and Igor after receiving a kick from the theater, decided to play the role of life. Now they stood before an audience of two million inhabitants. So it is simply fantastic, they surpassed themselves! Or so?
Some people really differ from ordinary gossip books with images and some real people with different actors, but what does it mean "true"? Maybe just right for your reality, and that means it is only true for someone else, we all have different realities right, some similar to each other, some of us apparently. But we all believe in their role, precisely because we are convinced that he did not play it, but that we are. Each of us has a role in life: lawyer, professor, doctor, economist, actor, singer, painter. Maybe we are, we have our own role?
Dzambazov has had for years, was forgotten legend, we all adored, and nobody knew it existed.And OA! For almost six months here with the title "master" fills screens and daily newspapers - the man became a writer. " Handbook for anti antialkoholochari "is the title of his latest book, which its first reader, Kalipi says oscillates with the feelings, waving his hands up and down style of free flying. Sure, she and Igor have an affair, you know? It is not important. After the man tried to cash his velichejkji gambling ogramnata your profile and loss, this time will most likely try to earn his velichejkji soaked in alcohol profile setting for cheap as "the first time in my life someone told me that I drank two gallons of brandy a day "(excerpt from the book).
Tony on the other side that is (or was) my fellow citizen, fortunately not soselanin; wants same way to cash in on his fame, and without a thought of something poroginalno - and decided to be the sage's words. Namely, he decided to write columns . As a child of the village in which thrillers and mob rule dictionary disgusting joke, he is fully fit in the Macedonian comedy show. His vocabulary is kolumniski simply brilliant, it exceeds itself in each of numerous points of its multitalentnost.
I worry when we know Rigid thoughts ran to where the ancient idols of mine. Are they more sinned glumejkji wrong role, or that we fully trust in, not checking the actual values ​​of the printed letters? In fact what is "true" if only sequence which (not) match our subjective reality?
Maybe life is just playing different roles, but do not know whether the poet's role, or he lives just outside the game.

Nor should the "Single Index"?

There is an independent student movement "isfrustirani" students who called themselves " Free card "and are seeking their debates and discussions is free participation of faculty and better student homes. But most students do not know whether it was a group of idealistic folly, or perhaps a viable option for equal chances of education for every adolescent. They way, despite not necessarily know, not actually want to know. That is the problem - why do I know when you may not know, and everything is in order.

Virtual socialization (second life)

Usually occurs before death, but some things happen in their lifetime - to lead to unity with itself and svjata awareness of life. The knowledge related to socialization that inevitably passes through a tunnel as well, is surprisingly harmful to the need for socialization. Therefore, people usually do not recommend you think about the meaning of things (especially not the life), and number 42 is already quite satisfactory answer to all questions. (:])
There's a clue - unity and one of his close - universalism. The two decided to merge in 1961 jointly formed zdrzhenie where you will be grouped and debate on certain philosophical or social issues. Universalism has utilitarian religious - philosophical basis, but this association has members who are from different religions and even atheists. The guiding motto is: "free and responsible search for truth and meaning".
He had just returned from a session with a group of commonly used univerzalisti certainly physical, but with a microphone and chat, as well as full spiritual setting second life thanks to the program (and play for someone). Attended with a friend and I joined the debate a topic for an opinion about drugs, specifically - psihodelicite and their need for careful integration with the spiritual goals. Host chose my topic and this one-hour mass religious - philosophical society was a fascination for me. They had a fairly clear view that the changed consciousness through psihodelici is mainly positive for spiritual isksutva. Utilitarian Umiverzalizam company is certainly aware already freed from all social prejudices, and in some way and expect their positive attitude. Here are some posts from the discussion:
[Seven two p.m.] Cedarbridge Darcy: I think I Would Also Say That Might Not a UU necessarily Believe That Drug Usage is "Bad" just the governemtnsays Because IT is.
[19:05] Joan Ixito: How An ALTERED CAN state of consciousness BE spiritual?
[7:06 p.m.] Ixito Joan: I suppose if I know My state of consciousness is ALTERED, I'd My disregard induced "experiences"
[seven six p.m.] Ferox: the only Thing you do anything by Making Illegal is CREATE MARKET Black and a more Make People Want to do IT.
[seventeen past seven p.m.] Darcy Cedarbridge: Ferox, do you think IOS Enlightenment a Personal or shared experiencer?
[7:17 p.m.] Ferox: Well im coming from a buddhist perspective on this, Who are those apparently enlightened have gotten RID of all notions of the self, So technically Since the self doesnt exist, IT IS a shared Experience.
[7:18 p.m.] Joan Ixito: CAN IT BE how shared if there is no ONE to share IT with .. no becouse ONE Has a self.
[19:19] Ferox: Well i Mean, I'm coming from Where is That there is no self for anyone, So We are all just non Existing, Together .. so it is SORT of shared.
Incidentally, I have not met Macedonians in second life, most Americans and Englishmen. After a little while I get the feeling that the West with this new solution includes the actual obligations simplificiranje turning to life, meetings, and maintenance and mission in the 3D virtual world of second life. Perhaps it is the future. But however, works perfectly as a virtual socialization in the original sense of the term, unlike Facebook, which has quite the opposite effect, because there is communication with unknown repulsive because of the prejudices exposed personal information.
Three dimensional virtual second life this way and the gentle sound of the group meetings to debate (via chat and microphone) for some philosophical, psychological, social and religious themes; a fascinating opportunity for virtual socializing with people from around the world.Otherwise, every Thursday at 18 am (at that time is Friday at 3 am) in the second life world "UUtopia", held its meeting of unitary univerzalisti, whose organization and several members of his immediate family of Barack Obama.

Free will (and the power of consciousness)

It is clear that in every moment of life decide one of the myriad choices of our next act, it becomes interesting when you know that 95% of our actions control our subconscious. Then you impose prashnje: how to determine responsibility?
One neuronauchnik Sam Harris in his first book has described an experiment which proves that our brain reacts to 10 seconds before it did when our conscience needs to decide something.From here he comes to suspect that we might have free will:

Supernatural experiences (and astral dimension)

Most people have experienced the supernatural experiences of different Level, there are documentary films over the years many such documented cases of indigo children to Indian spiritualisti with supernatural powers. The fact is that there are people with such power, but their occurrence is still unexplained by scientists, unity but futurists are convinced that they are the new evolution of human kind. Their sebeobjasnuvanje turn leads to yoga and meditation as the main factors for the opening of those millions of us back mentally opportunities. But psihonautite addition, it includesAT and psychedelic factor, which is certainly not the main, but rather - compared.


There is a religion called glory (or glory), which is a branch of Christianity and the Christians have an interesting motto: "let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." But this is pretty irrelevant, because the notion of fame is interesting philosophical and psychological point of view, but they accidentally took the religion. I think fame as a religious phenomenon has more substance than any existing religion. The basic common base of the two is a false reflection or fanciful account. Falsity increases directly proportional to the increase of fans (fans, followers). Almost came across an article ( LINK ) for the idealization of art, primarily of skepticism like Kelley, so often follow. But this time he idealiziranjeto justified as a means of filtration quality, although I was completely the opposite, especially after one of metakritika frustration, he has curable with schadenfreude over it ( LINC ), however, agreed with Kelly because of all of us necessary and all idealiziranjeto undoubtedly do it every day in numerous ways - music, film, filmmakers, writers, poetry, humor. In fact it is osnovoto fuel that drives us in life - the impression, admiration. Something similar happens with the female glamor as a magnet for men, and basically just fake mask.

Umetniziranje (and association with depression)

Umetniziranje the topic would include all research that examines the art and its occurrence and vireenje general. Umetniziranje means creating art. But I think otsekoga W be tempting to find out what art is and how it occurs, always a magic perfume even the very notion, which is characterized, but also gives tremendous freedom to free-determination of its meaning. The Wikipedia definition says that art is all human creative activities, except those directly related to reproduction and survival. So najkonceznata form of naive art is that which bears only kreatiziranje emotional warmth and is excluded from any kind of commercial purpose. 

Plasibo psihodelija and effect (and Cybertherapy)

Psychedelia always on the scientists represent an alternative way samolechenje, and its apparent need in medicine when he is in the powerless condition. Scientists researching treatment for depression, lately I find moovrzanosta plasibo the effect and psychedelia.

Amerikanskiont journalist Jon Horgen known for his positive views on the usefulness of LSD and psychedelic substances, as well as his book " Science of the Dead "; writes on his blog that psychedelic therapy actually use the power of plasibo effect:

" Psychedelics clearly exploit the PLACEBO effect, in Complicated iżda Ways. To make clinical trials of a drug more rigorous, researchers sometimes give subjects in the control group an "active placebo," which unlike a sugar pill has discernable physiological or mental effects, so subjects can't easily tell whether they are in the control group . If psychedelics are placebos, They Should BE perhaps hyperactive called placebos, Because their psychotropic effects are So dramatic. "

The Guru explains that the model of Timothy - " Setting and set ", a sort of psychedelic therapy in which the trip is under personal control over the first part of the model T - Mind-set instrikciite, requiring a person to focus on what you think should be achieved, for example winning the alcoholism, the obsesivna beskontrola, melancholy, fear of dying and so on. When this psychedelic therapy team inserted into the religious atmosphere (which is the second part of the model -Setting in which he proposes to invent any religion and its aim to Guru title), it becomes quite logical that he is aware of the effect and plasibo it uses by setting the pattern for psychedelic tarapija.

Sajbertarapijata ( Cybertherapy = psihotarapija via PC) has similar connections with the effect plasibo vituelna giving confidence that to some extent utilized in reality. There are claims that America is spending $ 4 million for sajbertarapija the U.S. military. Soldiers are released to fight Tues au whirlpool tuelno Iraqi village to gain greater precision.

In any case, whether through a psychedelic psihotarapijata or cyber therapy, it is effective only in those cases in which the person strongly believes in therapy, the other Sun Which means that the methods are here only for the power of ispolzuvanje plasibo effect.

Here's a video about the biology of belief, and anywhere from 3:30 fascination with the included plsibo effect:

The role of authority ('question authority'-T.L.)

Authority plays a major role in the issue of validity, authenticity and quality in all interpersonal events or events in the planet. One psychologist has left behind quite familiar phrases (and before) itself, including this: "Think for yourself, question authority", which is very little concerns of the people, and even less understood in its true message. It usually happens because of indifference of people to think and spread the cult of "nezamaranje" flavored with cannabis, turbo, rap and several human noise that interfere with the evolutionary process. But there are always bright spots in the vlesena darkness, so in case there are people who have ever discovered what true authority is important in all processes of getting and losing are part of everyday activities polurandom a man. So there he discovered that, I wrote these instructions: 1st Choose your battles wisely. Observe the distortion methods for reinforcement of authority, it can happen for example when the professor's nagging (if you are a student) by asking questions in sequence, inert it can lead to the opposite effect. Climbing higher is not authoritative Level must be based on exploiting the good will of the people. second , however, if an authoritative person acting mistakenly hurting people or human rights, in no circumstances be justified because of its authority. You have as a human being not only the right but the duty, to prevent it. Global authority justify many evils, but it should not be happening, taking one's authority to this level is actually lower its Level to very low. 3rd down or sometimes perception of authority is quite abstract, like checking the correctness of the read or heard the wisdom or common wisdom of a community or collective. For example if most have common views, not necessarily always right or that the only choice, it just means that more people share similar views about a specific topic, nothing more. When you use it to their right to publicly questioning the authority or the validity of a particular group opinion, you are engaged in critical thinking, and it is simply fantastic! 4th Your authority is yours right. You are what you think and the more you appreciate yourself, the more you appreciate others, but you can not abuse it through the good will of the people (not to be seen as an overestimation), but your value must justify investing in their capabilities for independence through the art of speech arguments and logical thinking, and emotional stability. Simple: you are what you think.

The issue of avtoritetnosta and its necessity in the ascent of a Level above the eyes of others, there are many branching segments, but mainly this is enough for a small boost to some thoughts about this topic. It may be useful for thinking, maybe not. Everything depends on our subjectivity that is ours certainly are, but not the only existing perception of things.