Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plasibo psihodelija and effect (and Cybertherapy)

Psychedelia always on the scientists represent an alternative way samolechenje, and its apparent need in medicine when he is in the powerless condition. Scientists researching treatment for depression, lately I find moovrzanosta plasibo the effect and psychedelia.

Amerikanskiont journalist Jon Horgen known for his positive views on the usefulness of LSD and psychedelic substances, as well as his book " Science of the Dead "; writes on his blog that psychedelic therapy actually use the power of plasibo effect:

" Psychedelics clearly exploit the PLACEBO effect, in Complicated iżda Ways. To make clinical trials of a drug more rigorous, researchers sometimes give subjects in the control group an "active placebo," which unlike a sugar pill has discernable physiological or mental effects, so subjects can't easily tell whether they are in the control group . If psychedelics are placebos, They Should BE perhaps hyperactive called placebos, Because their psychotropic effects are So dramatic. "

The Guru explains that the model of Timothy - " Setting and set ", a sort of psychedelic therapy in which the trip is under personal control over the first part of the model T - Mind-set instrikciite, requiring a person to focus on what you think should be achieved, for example winning the alcoholism, the obsesivna beskontrola, melancholy, fear of dying and so on. When this psychedelic therapy team inserted into the religious atmosphere (which is the second part of the model -Setting in which he proposes to invent any religion and its aim to Guru title), it becomes quite logical that he is aware of the effect and plasibo it uses by setting the pattern for psychedelic tarapija.

Sajbertarapijata ( Cybertherapy = psihotarapija via PC) has similar connections with the effect plasibo vituelna giving confidence that to some extent utilized in reality. There are claims that America is spending $ 4 million for sajbertarapija the U.S. military. Soldiers are released to fight Tues au whirlpool tuelno Iraqi village to gain greater precision.

In any case, whether through a psychedelic psihotarapijata or cyber therapy, it is effective only in those cases in which the person strongly believes in therapy, the other Sun Which means that the methods are here only for the power of ispolzuvanje plasibo effect.

Here's a video about the biology of belief, and anywhere from 3:30 fascination with the included plsibo effect:


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