Saturday, July 23, 2011

The (non)power of words

It happens when there is no need for a period of writing, while I think the jump countless ideas and beliefs that flash all around me are not aware of. When I would talk instead of write, it would have evaporated since the moment you say, because it struck a fire barrier woven by misunderstandings, prejudices according to the character and memories, the fear of complex manipulation of words already known by the sinister use elokventnosta and a bunch of unnecessary nodes .. (When I said "do not fight when necessary," maybe I had to hit deeper analysis?).

Writing is much greater advantage than talking. Here's why: all the above forms in the weave of the barrier which would have encountered the words are interchangeable over time, so if the barrier seething today, tomorrow, when re-reading, can otpletkaat ie no barrier. So there, I felt a little faith, so let's use until the time left me to uninstall it.

Words have great power and it confirms many of the actual flight information and explanations, because they feel powerless before this great power of words to manipulation. Here navlegov deeper than a very clear moment of disappointment! You know, usually when we are disappointed to think more deeply about things. We can not and do not have, depends on ourselves. Hit me thought: "Why did not I show what I see?" No, I'm not impatient, each wrote (not smart enough) book that I have enough patience to not give a damn about anything, because after years sure that everything will be grasped, harmonize, Wednesday, get the satisfaction or otherwise call it. Me just sorry for the time that failure to do characters that I love. Namely, they do not want to lump them and refute their conclusions too fast, not so much because of pride and because mrza bezvolie for deeper thinking and most important - the fear of manipulation of words.

Curse to be eloquent is that not always eloquent, due to the presence of natural or mrzata bezvolieto, and the error is not iskluichena, so eloquent usually need enough authority to have it cover the lazy and tormented part or even mistakes, which is quite often the case that we are all just ordinary people. We are both smart and stupid, but the importance and certainly not the point does not lie in it (to be smart or intellectual), but precisely in the way of understanding things and therefore that - acting on them!

All have a different perception of what they see before them, and the same is dependent on their memories, emotions, the content they have in what they call character, and another bunch of chemical processes that occur in the body, particularly in the head. When you begin to perceive things, they pass first through a mirror (to call it so) or wave from all previous representations, images, sympathy, or antipatichnosti the character of something which we perceive things seen.Everything depends on us, so it is advantageous in that same moment to think and do not need anyone to change our view of things we can do it only if you want!

I feel really helpless when I know that I have only words. Acts or actions have long been perceived wrong or twisted, not all, it's only one and that one is really edistveniot character for me holds a special significance or for whom would istiskal, razmachkal, iscedil all the blood from me and I wrote words with her, to polednata drop. Confidence was actually the most important, with understanding, because only through lack of those two, take place all the ills of the world, it is sufficient to remembrance only images of war.

There are things I understand in a way that is impossible to convey in words. Still less, exactly understood by others. That is why I have no need of writing, because there is a sense that labor is vain. Vain as a stand alone two barriers: First - will express the idea determiranata; second - not even understand according imagined, but by a characteristic manner depending only on processes in the head percipirachot inherent only him because of the diversity of memories and things still memoriajta. It is clear that everything we see, is dependent on the very things that us us that is contained from ourselves. Depending! That means you can change shape if we change!

Confidence is the single most important thing to establish the understanding of which depends on everything and at the same time does not depend on anything.


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