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Macedonian psychedelic herbs (Mandrake)

Many psihonauti and their supporters are interested eksperimentacija with unknown psychedelic herbs, which are considered toxic, but once the word "harm" does not necessarily mean death. The Magic mashrums are considered poisonous, but with proper use, actually not. However, open-minded psihonautofili are on track to become the psihonauti psychedelic experiences through individual sessions (or magical rites) and the psychedelic drink (or ancient - magic potions).

It fascinated by the plant when the phantom read that sell shkotlagjanite paste (mixture) of Macedonian phantom describing as the most powerful magical herb magic rituals which may open new perspective of the user, pogreshenite travelers to return to the track. Namely, recalls that this plant was Macedonian inspiration in part from the Harry Potter world. Harry Potter author - Joanna Joe Rolling apparently well met with the Macedonian culture HERB.

Mandrake is a plant family mandrake contains deliriant, and halucinogenik tropan. Delirant creates a state of delirium, hallucinations and adds halucinogenik tropan biological nitrogen is that the atmosphere is 78%. The root of the plant traditionally used in magic rituals by neopaganski religions: Wicca and Germanic revivalism religions as well: Odinism .

According to legend, when you extract from a root, it screams and kills about it. So Josefus of Jerusalem (37 years, until a new 100god century) wrote an instruction to extract: "I dig and play dog ​​attachment to her, then runs away and the dog will follow the man but will die after man returns and can be safely handled by the plant. "

Eliphas Levi ( Eliphas Levi , French occult author and magician apparently in the 19th century) in his book "The magic is Transcedentalna Doctors and ritual" has written that the phantom is a whole new chart or illustration of a man, especially for very s mazhenstvenite people. Tesalijanskite have used (area in Greece) seers of making philtres - love potion is actually an easy drug to increase sexual passion. Such a love potion today is produced by traditional distillation of blueberries , but it is without drug and treated as a fruit wine. (Now why I love my information fruit wine Sangrija : D ).

Many ancient writers in their works have described phantom in a million different perspectives and beliefs about healing effects. The old Anglo-Saxon herbalists have prescription for the treatment of the "devil's disease" which takes part of the body phantom with a weight of three pennies and boil the milk, so after several days of consumption, the sick will be healed. Bartholomew also has a recipe for low anestezik crust onto the root of the phantom and soaked in wine. The appearance of the plant is quite similar to the deadly nightshade plant sojuzinichkoto psychotropic and root form of a carrot, but in larger form (5 to 20 centimeters). In the ancient books is described in the form of a human body or a man with a long beard, and sometimes with a female body with very thick and long hair.

There are other psychotropic plants are found in Macedonia, for example: Salvia Divinorum, Peter, belladonna, Morning Glory, Datura, ergon (from barley) and many more. Here you have detailed info about their actions, forms, etc.: Link. to produce psychedelic mushrooms in Macedonia dzirnite here: LINK .

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